How to Finally Get 6-Pack Abs

March 1, 2019



Many years ago, I began to realize that any person who is overweight and wants to lose their belly fat and see their six-pack abs needs an anti-fat weapon that is both safe and very powerful.

First thing you need to do is ensure that you strengthen both the abs and the core but unless you burn the fat that surround the abs region you will never see your abs.

You need low body fat to reveal your six-pack and you can achieve this with a clean diet and exercise that will get you lean and mean. For men you will have razor sharp abs at 6-8% body fat and for women you are looking at 12%. Nutrition will be your main factor to getting low body fat percentage, as YOU CAN’T OUT TRAIN A BAD DIET!

That being said, you can build deep dense abs with the right combination of exercises that target the entire abs and core region.


Below are 3 workouts that you can use to help develop strong abs and core region and
start to carve your washboard abs.​



Watch the video

Awesome 10-minute abs workout that you can do next time you are at the gym.
This 10-minute workout also works the core as well.
10 Minute Alpha Abs Workout Perform each exercise for 60 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds rest for one round.


Total Workout Time = 10 Minutes

1. Russian Twists
2. Ab Wheel Roll Outs
3. Hanging Knee Raises
4. Stability Ball Plank (Stir the Pot)
5. Side Plank Leg Raises
6. Loaded Dead Bugs
7. Bird Dogs



Watch Video

6 Pack Abs Workout
Perform each exercise for 50 seconds followed by 10 second rest one after the other for one round.

Total time = 10 minutes

1. Abs Leg Raises
2. Abs Bicycles Crunches
3. Plank Body Raise
4. V-Ups
5. Scissor Kicks
6. Alternating Plank Reach Unders
7. Russian Twists
8. Hip Thrusts
9. Plank Around the World
10. Abs In and Outs



Watch Video


Try this 500 rep abs workout routine that targets your abs and core region.This is a great abs workout routine to add to your overall workout and training routine.

Abs 500 Workout Routine 2.0

Perform each exercise for 50 reps each one after for one round.


Plank Opposite Knee to Elbow

1. Star Crunch

2. Side Plank Dips and Reach Under

3. Abs Bicycle to Crunch

4. Abs In and Outs

5. Lying Figure 8

6. Wide Leg Crunches

7. Bird Dogs

8. Speed Alternating Leg Lifts

9. Reverse Crunches


If your Nutrition is on point and you want to finally SEE YOUR ABS then make sure to pick up my Signature Metabolic Burn – Fat Burner supplement on promo for Bloor Street Fitness members this month at this link.






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