30 Day #loveyourbody Resolution

Starting January 9th, 2017, trainer Barbara Arn will be heading the 30 Day Love Your Body Resolution, a specialized 4 week fitness challenge. This group challenge is designed to guide participants toward improving their overall health and wellness with a fun, engaging and educational program. It will include both an initial consultation and weigh-in, and final write-up on each participants’ individual experience. Private group classes are designed to focus on different fitness components. You will also receive a nutrition booklet filled with helpful tips, and weekly emails on various health topics to widen your knowledge and understanding of the program principles. To top it all off, you will receive some health and fitness related goodies.

What do I need to do?

1. Everyone must participate in both an entry and final consultation where they will be asked to do some assessment drills, record a body fat percentage, and their weight. At this time, each member will also get a before and after photo taken. Photos are for Bloor Street fitness use only and will not be shared without consent.

2. Every participant must submit a final write up explaining how this experience effected them.

3. Participate in classes. The program offers private small group classes to help get members moving.

4. Every week we will have a check-in via our Facebook group. Participation in the Facebook group allows you to share results, ask questions, and gain support.

Prize: 8 personal training sessions (value of almost 700 dollars)

How we pick a winner

At the end of the 4 weeks a winner will be chosen and receive 8 free personal training sessions. The winner will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Weigh in and fitness testing results done at first and final consultation

  • Attendance at classes as well as effort level

  • Weekly progress check-ins where diet, sleep and other contributing factors are discussed (weekly Facebook discussions)

  • A final write up about how this experience has effected you.


  • Initial and final consultation with fitness test and weigh-in

  • 4 private group classes a week

  • Health and fitness goodies

  • Nutrition booklet

  • Weekly emails on health and fitness related topics


Monday 7am Balance and Flexibility

  • The class will focus primarily on transitional sequences that help activate our underused muscles, while building awareness of our smaller stabilizer muscles.

Tuesday 5pm Getting Grounded

  • This class will focus on teaching fitness principles that can be applied to any work out or class such as, proper body alignment, core stability and engagement, and grounding through various body parts.

Thursday 6am HIIT

  • High intensity interval training is a class that will involve switching between maximum and moderate physical exertion and rest. The class will be focused on torching calories and getting heart rates up to aid in fat loss and strengthening the heart.

Saturday 12pm Making Muscle

  • This class will include both work with body weight manipulation, as well as strengthening using cables, machines, free weights, bands, and kettlebells.

Duration: January 16- February 11, 2017

Registration: January 9th -13th

Cost: 250 dollars plus tax

If you'd like to take part, please contact the gym or speak to staff at the front desk.

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