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Travis Neuman

 Bsc. Houn kin, C.G.F.I

Travis has been involved in sport from an early age and is always looking to gain the competitive edge. This love of fitness led Travis to the University of Waterloo to study kinesiology.  Kinesiology is the study of the human body, which gave Travis a strong understanding of human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. Years of personal training with the biomechanical approach has yielded tremendous fat loss results and helped his clients to move better with less pain, making Travis a very sought after trainer in Toronto.


Bachelor of Science Honours Kinesiology from University of Waterloo  

Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf and Fitness Instructor  

Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist  CPR and First Aid Certified

Shane Walters

Shane has been working as a martial arts instructor for the past ten years. He has gained valuable experience in coaching, teaching seminars, as well as developing and creating programs for schools and martial arts instructors. He uses his expertise in martial arts to strengthen and condition his clients beyond traditional methods. With that desire he went back to college and completed his studies in health and fitness to get a better understanding of anatomy, movement, and training modalities.

Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma – Humber College
Blackbelt in Goju Ryu Karate do
Canfit Pro PTS
Standard First Aid CPR/AED

FTI Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor

​NESTA Metabolic Conditioning Coach

Nathan Sharp

Nathan a graduate of Sir Sandford Fleming college Fitness and Health Promotion program.

Nathan has been involved in fitness ever since he was young, taking swimming lessons and competing in gymnastics in Nova Scotia.

After Moving to Ontario, Nathan spent most of his high school career training in bodybuilding, before beginning training in Muay Thai in 2013. After 3 years, Nathan is still training in Muay Thai and loving not only the intense workout it brings, but also the competitiveness of the sport.

“I believe fitness is something that differs for each individual, and whether it be yoga, bodybuilding, strength training or sport specific training, there is someone out there for everyone. You just have to be willing to step out and try new things. It all depends on the individual, and how badly you want whatever it is you are trying to achieve.”


Certified Personal Trainer 

(Canfit Pro)

Jazz Kamal

Never “taking the conventional path to anything” in her life, every athletic endeavor Jazz has taken on, whether for competition or pleasure, has been an obsession. In her youth there was tennis, soccer, swimming, shot put, sprinting and squash, never realizing that combat sport was an option for women, until she began training in Karate at the age of 16. She became addicted to the discipline and self-driven development as well as the ability to train your mind to overcome physical hurdles and used that drive to start coaching youth in the sport.

The passion gained from working with youth and those who weren't given space or opportunity, she knew her path would eventually change. 


In 2014, after a tumultuous decade of self-discovery, a re-connection was made, mind, body and soul rejoiced in training towards strength once again and Jazz fell in love with boxing.

She got her boxing certification and began coaching with Shape Your Life, a boxing program for survivors of violence. From there she acquired her certification in personal training and hasn’t stopped since.


Her philosophy is rooted in helping clients understand that “the moment when mind and body work together in total control is the moment of ultimate strength. It's not just about whether you can "throw" a punch, or lift the most you can lift, it's about applying this strength to real life situations that will only make you feel more confident in pushing your body's ability without fear of pain or deterioration. That is the moment when strength meets fluidity."


Certified Boxing Coach

(Boxing Ontario, NCCP)

Trained under Coach Socrates of Kombat Arts

Certified Personal Trainer  

(Canfit Pro)

Barbara Arn

Many trainers have always been athletic, however, this is not the case for Barbara Arn. Weighing 200 pounds in high school Barbara had to work hard to gain strength and lose fat. She knows firsthand what it is like to try and make this commitment to health and fitness. During Barbara’s time in college studying Acting for Film and Television, she fell in love with fitness. Barbara began exploring various fields to learn different approaches to fitness including weight lifting, tai chi, stunt fighting, yoga, dance, and cheerleading. Gaining this wide knowledge base has given her the necessary skills to help clients with strength and mobility, in addition to her speciality in weight loss.

Barbara's main goal is to inspire clients to look and feel their best, as well to gain confidence and skills in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Anthony Sky

Anthony Sky-Walker is a certified boxing coach at Bloor Street Fitness. He’s been boxing for 8 years and coaching for 4 years. He trained under former Canadian heavy weight champ Tony Morrison and coached under William Grant. Anthony won the Brampton Cup tournament and was awarded best in his weight class early in his boxing career.


He is a graduate of Humber College’s Fitness and Health Promotion program where he learned the fundamentals of exercise, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and nutrition among other key components for excellence in health and fitness. Anthony works as a class instructor and personal trainer at BSF, bringing his love of boxing and extensive training to each of his clients and classes.


Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma – Humber College

Michael Anderson

Michael combines an interest in sports and weight training with an interest in Chinese internal arts – in particular Chi Qong, Taoist Yoga and Tai Chi. A bad hip and chronic back pain led to the study of anatomy and physiology and that in turn led to the study of myofascial anatomy and structural integration. Whether building or restoring the body, his aim is to promote integrity, alignment, balance and coordination with an emphasis on power combined with flexibility. The ideal is a one-piece body function with freedom and ease.




Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist
CPR Certified
Honours BA(Philosophy) -  McGill University

Renee Gagnon


Renee is a graduate of the Kinesiology program at the University of Toronto. While pursing her degree, she was a member of the varsity blues swim team for 5 years. Swimming for 12 years, she fell in love with sport & exercise. She then pursued her fitness instructor and personal training certifications.

She is also a NCCP level 1 swim coach and coaches with the Toronto Swim Club. Combining her knowledge in the classroom with her background with swimming and fitness she learnt how to put theory into practice.



Bachelor of Kinesiology, University of Toronto, 2013

Fitness Instructor Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer

NCCP level 1, Swimming Coach

Myriam Hauterville

Born and raised in Paris, France, where she completed her Bachelor in Business as well as in Management.

Myriam's love for fitness started when training in gymnastics for 5 years.

Years later she entered in strength and weightlifting competitions which pushed her to make a career change into the fitness industry.


"For me, sport is my therapy.

The mental aspect is particularly interesting to me. We are not born Athletes, we become athletes."


Certified Personal Trainer

Jacob Saphra

Jacob is a qualified yoga instructor, movement coach, personal trainer, and plant-based nutrition advisor.


His passion for training has taken him all over the world; From practicing Ashtanga yoga on the beaches of Southern India, doing Locomotion and movement workshops on Santa Monica pier, taking Martial arts training on Thai islands or mastering calisthenics in NYC, he is always growing as a practitioner and teacher and adding new skills to his repertoire. 


Jacob brings his diverse range of practices and body of knowledge to his students in order to help them create a fun, challenging, functional and sustainable fitness/movement practice suited to their needs. 


FRCMS (functiona range conditioning specialist)

RYT 200

Certified Personal Trainer

(Canfit Pro)

Rod Kenneth Alvarado 

For the past 5 years, Rod has been dedicating his life to positively impact the lives of others through Fitness and Boxing. As a recent graduate of the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Humber College ITAL, he has been  gaining knowledge and perfecting his craft as a Personal Trainer. His goal is simple: to combine his love for fighting with science and exercise to enrich the lives of those around him. 


RK brings a warm personality, insightful knowledge on the anatomy and physiology of the human body, a workout tailored to your goals and preferences, and a mixture of both fitness training and boxing training modalities that offer an intense yet satisfying educational fitness experience. But most importantly, he offers a burning passion to spread the joy that he feels when he trains with the rest of the world and positively transform the lives of those he meets.


"I hope for three things when I work with people. 1: that they learn something new 2: that they have fun. 3: that they work as hard as they can."



Certified Personal Trainer

Ian Bonner

Ian is a competitive bodybuilder and has been an active athlete in the Canadian Physique Alliance for four years.

At age 17, he began training for the purpose of competition. Since becoming a professional personal trainer, he has gained valuable knowledge with regards to crafting an exemplary physique.


Specializing in hypertrophy work and nutrition, Ian possesses the skills required to take your physique to new heights. 


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