B.A.D.G.E. Kids Boxing Pogram

The BADGE program provides boxing lessons to children from the ages of 10-16 years old.  Provided at no charge for members looking to get their children more active while learning compassion, discipline, respect and gratitude.


High level and intense class using a variety of circuits, station drills, body weight exercises and heavy bag drills.

Butts and Guts

A 45 minute high intensity fat burning blitz workout meant to burn fat in the abdominal area and tone the glutes.

Circuit Boxing

Circuit Boxing focuses on continuous circuit work to increase your metabolism. This is a high intensity, burning workout using body weight exercises and heavy bag drills.


Full-body class designed to give you a high energy workout no matter what your fitness level.  Guaranteed to give you the intense full body workout you're looking for.

Mobility For Strength Training

This class is designed to increase movement through the joints while developing overall strength through the body. Participants complete a series of exercises that focus on mobility, targeted muscle activation and muscle development. Feel more energetic, get better movement in the hips, and get a stronger core.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai classes include proper punching, kicking, and footwork and stance techniques along with Thai pad and punch mitt training. This class is not only technical it’s also an intense cardio workout open to all levels.

Sweet Science Technical Boxing

This technical class focuses on the finer movements of boxing along with the techniques and moves used in amateur and pro boxing. Tailored for the boxing enthusiast, classes will include partner work, bag work, and pad work to simulate a boxing training camp environment.

Tonebana Boxing

Tonebana Boxing provides a safe environment for individuals to enjoy the benefits of boxing. With the use of music and boxing, participants can expect to hone their motor skills, build strength and confidence.

TSC (Tabata Strength and Conditioning)

Using the Tabata protocol, this class is designed to provide an intense workout that will improve your cardio and strength levels, allowing you to move better, get lean and toned.  Bodyweight exercises and compound weighted exercises are the focus of this class.

Unleash the Beast Boxing

Sweat, grind and go full out in this class.  This high energy class challenges the participant to find their inner beast to complete numerous rounds like a boxing match.  This class uses a combination of circuit training, body weight exercises, core conditioning and heavy bag work. 

Upbeat Boxing

Upbeat Boxing will help you develop and maintain cardio-vascular endurance, core strength and agility in a motivating environment.  Designed to be a great outlet for daily stress and suitable for all levels of recreational boxing enthusiasts.

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